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PotterPals Icons

a ppp icon archive

Potter Puppet Pals Icons
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A Potter Puppet Pals fan community for pppIcons!

Inspired by potterpals
Birthed at potterpals_fans
Check out ppp_scenes

Please note: By posting your icons in this journal, you are assenting to their being snagged (with credit given). Some ebil users may ignore the rules and not give credit - we are not responsible for their immaturity.

Moderated by:

Please Note: Two strikes and you're out. A third violation will result in banning.

Rules for Posting Icons
1. Potter Puppet Pals icons only, please
2. Submit only your own work
3. Nothing too obscene/distasteful (doubtful this rule will ever be called upon, but still...)
4. Please put the majority of your icons under an lj-cut

Rules for General Posting
1. Posts other than icons are permitted, but please keep them on topic
2. Requests are allowed, but please keep them short, sweet, and polite. No huge or flashing texts, etc.
3. No advertising other communities
4. Moderators reserve the right to delete any posts which violate the rules

1. Please make sure your HTML and link work
2. If snagging, please leave a comment in the respective entry declaring so

Please respect the artists' work!
§ Do not use icons without giving credit
§ Do not claim another's icon as your own
§ Do not offend/harrass the original creators of PPP
§ If you can't say something nice, don't say anything a'tall
§ Do not leech bandwidth. Save and upload the icon you are snagging onto your own site
§ Be free with compliments and glompage!

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All images originally copyright to Potter Puppet Pals
Harry Potter copyright to J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers